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Types of Roofing Materials

Premier Quality Home Improvements is a leading provider of roof installations and roof repairs in the Murfreesboro and Nashville, TN area. If you need a new roof or just roof repairs in Rutherford and Davidson Counties, we would love the opportunity to serve you.  We want to provide you with a few different types of roofing materials when you are looking into a new roof for you and your family. We just want to review the main types of materials however within these types of roofing materials, there are a lot of options.

Shingle Roofing

roofing murfreesboro tnAsphalt roof shingles are the most popular roofing material used on homes in Murfreesboro and Nashville, TN. They are designed to protect a home through decades of weathering with minimal upkeep, and are available in hundreds of colors and styles. In additional to offering a variety of style choices, asphalt shingles are also widely available making them an attractive option for professional roofing contractors to offer to their customers. And while getting a new roof is by no means an inexpensive project, asphalt shingles are among the most affordable options available.  In fact, if an existing roof deck is in good condition, new asphalt shingles can even be installed over older shingles, reducing the need (and cost) of a tear off of the old roofing.

Metal Roofing

metal roofing murfreesboro tnMetal roofing beats out conventional roofing materials in several ways. We would like elaborate on some of the benefits of metal roofing for your reference. Properly installed, a metal roof should last as long as the house, sealing out water, surviving high winds, and easily shedding snow. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, insects, and rot. In addition, compared to the weight of tile at 750 pounds per square (an area equal to 100 square feet) or concrete tile at 900 pounds per square, metal roofing is very lightweight. Most varieties run from 50 to 150 pounds per square. Because metal roof materials are noncombustible, they typically have a Class A fire rating which would help protect your home in case of a fire. Metal roofs reflect radiant heat from the sun, minimizing midday heat gain. This means you save energy needed for air conditioning during the day. Most metal roofing materials can be installed on gently pitched roofs without leaking. And lastly, metal roofing is practically impervious to rain and snow because of the way the panels interlock and because the surfaces are hard and slippery. In addition, dark tones of metal roofing quickly warm in the snow, encouraging snow melt. There are many benefits to metal roofing however it all depends on your situation and unique wants.

Tile Roofing

tile roofing murfreesboro tnClay tile roofing is one of the oldest and most used types of roofing in the world although it is not used much in Murfreesboro and middle TN. A well cared for roof of this type can last for over 100 years. Though clay tiles have many advantages, they do have their disadvantages as well. Of the many advantages of clay tile roofing, it durability is probably the biggest one. Any roofing material that can last for over 100 years has to be good! Another advantage is that it is available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, unlike regular shingles, adding more character and interest to the appearance of your home. It also has reflective properties, which help to increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems. This type of material is not susceptible to mold or rot, can withstand hurricane-force winds, and does not shrink and expand with the temperature like wood. Although this type of roof does have some advantages, the major disadvantages is that it is very heavy and most homes built in middle TN are not structurally built to handle the weight of tile. In addition, although tile lasts for a long time it is a very expensive upfront cost.

Flat Roofing

flat roofing murfreesboro tnBy far the biggest advantage of using a flat roof is the expense. From the initial building and installation to the materials most often used to cover the roof, flat roofs are fairly cheap. Another advantage to using a flat roof is the fact that you can now make use of the space once the roof is done. Get your air conditioning units up off the ground and put them on the roof. Install solar panels on the roof that are less obvious from the curb. Plant a roof top garden or design a living roof. The possibilities of how you can use a flat roof are nearly endless, and this is by far one of the greatest benefits to using one. Going hand in hand with the last advantage is the fact that with a flat roof, you have the ability to have a more versatile interior space as well. Finished attics and the use of a top floor apartment become more readily available without the sloped walls that a traditional pitched roof would produce. This makes a nice option for homes where the maximum amount of interior space is needed. Finally, flat roofs are generally more accessible than sloped roofs. So cleaning your gutters, making repairs, and installing things like satellite dishes or solar panels become easier and less expensive to do as well. The biggest disadvantage to installing a flat roof is the drainage, or lack thereof. Flat roofs do drain, but not nearly as efficiently as a roof with any kind of pitch. Therefore water has a tendency to puddle and remain on the roof, which could lead to the roofing material breaking down or to eventual leaks, particularly along the seams.

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